The End Government

There was a time in history when man exist in isolation, he lives like a beast, or some sort of a god. He lives alone, in his world and he didn’t know that its actually his. Man was lonely and vulnerable all manner of ills, he was defenceless, helpless. During that era, everything was crude, live was just begining. Life was a survival of the fittest, live was brutish, life was short. It was every man for himself and all again all. It was a state described as the state of nature. The begining of man. The Early Man discovered himself inborn with a desire to survive and to dominate the earth. From a wonderer to a gatherer, and a farmer then a merchant, followed by civilization of many kinds. Man’s brutality set each man against fellow men, the strong has the day. Communalism was only possible due to increase learning. Man began to find kingdoms, built castles, and cities, man began to rest from his tirelessness and wandering, man is continue to grow, learn, increase in civility and subdue the nature that was feared from the begining. The strong though continue to dominate the weak, the birth of slavery – taking of slaves of war, then the birth of feudalism and merchandise systems in the form of capitalism. Religion and science changed the world drastically until the giants of the world thought of the state. Some thought that the state will bring about maximum satisfaction, and self actualisation, some on the other hand are not quite comfortable. They favour anarchy. Time has passed since the first debate, here we are in the present state. We must ask if we must survive the new ‘nature’- the introduction of government. What is the end of the government? The end of the state is not far from the ends of the people that constituted the state. What the state exist for is first, the safety, freedoms and privileges of the people that populated the state. The government is actually people who volunteer to oversee the affairs of the territory in order to meets the needs, wishes, aspirations and desires of their people. Serve