Our ability to reason and make most of the opportunities that present themselves by the day depends on our keen interest to listen, it could be to look carefully, or to to apply the
use of the six senses we have, you may wonder the ‘sixth sense’ yes! It is required of us to be conscious and meticulous in almost everything we do, see, hear, feel, touch, say, and pay for us to understand the underlined messages in what has/is happened/happening, has been said, or what someone is saying, what we have read or what someone has written and are recommended for us. Today we pay for every bit of
information we get consciously or otherwise,
we seek to know more of what we already know; I pause to ask: How many of us are willing to wait for the next person speaking to
finish before we take turn? How many of us are willing not to drop a book after reading chapter one? How many of us men and women are considerate of the information we are about receiving and not the render? How much time do we have to devote in listening to a speaker and not distract others than to allow others get us distracted by their own

I dare you to challenge yourself to listen this
day, the media afford you and i the opportunity to be informed of current
happenings around the world, job opportunities and markets for our products
and more. Someone recently posted on fb.

“God wanted us to listen more, thus HE made us a mouth and a pair of ears” Have you heard?


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Nungkop Mishael S. (Peace Ambassador) was born in Jos, Plateau State 1986, He is from Pankshin LGA, From the Fier peoples group. Attended ECWA Transfered Primary School, Government Secondary School McAllen, and ABU pivotal Grade II Teachers College at the Jos Center. Taught in various schools for the period of 6 years as a Class Teacher before attending the Plateau State University Bokkos, graduated with a Bachelor's Degree (B.Sc) Political Science in 2014. Participated in the “Make We Talk” Programme One (1) Year Peer Facilitator/Educators and Project Management Training of the Society for Family Health (SFH) and Action Aid International, Nigeria in the year 2005. Also attended a Leadership Training Course (Course SH978) March 2016. At the Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre (Mountain School) Where Hills Jos. Participated in the Institute of Governance and Social Research (IGSR) Peace in Jos Project Early Warning Reporting and Response System Training, May 2016. Founder/C.E.O Spectroom Political & Social Advisory Consultancy, His. Business Manager @Max-Ray Communication and Computers School (MRCCS) 2007 – Date. Graphic Editor @WeJosRock™ Currently the Vice President and Project Manager of the Plateau Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (PYPAN) Camp 7, Course SH978, March 2016 to date. Worked with the Institute of Governance and Social Research (IGSR) – as a Research Assistant, Monitoring & Evaluation Task Force, of the Peace in Jos Project. May to July 2016. Interest: Teaching, Writing, graphics and Books too. Loves political & Social analysis. Very easy to get along with, enthusiastic, friendly. Enjoys public speaking, other passions and aspirations include Political journalism, photography, Fashion stylist...

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