Nigerians live, breathe, feed, study and procreate in darkness. This no doubt is unbefeating and undesirable for any people in civilized societies. 
I believe strongly that what is missing isn’t the resources (endowment) to put things in order; but the “man power” in the person of the Minister of Power of our country Nigeria. 

What then is desirable of a Minister of Power in Nigeria? 

In my thinking:

1. The Minister of Power befitting for a nation like Nigeria, owing to the reality on ground should be one who is equal to the task of giving Nigerians what is due; what resources goes into that ministry. 
2. The Minister we need is and should be that sacrificial, tough, meticulous and sincere leader that will lead Nigeria out of darkness.
3. We Need A minister of power who will read power, think power, speak power, dream power, write power, advocate power &
4. A Minister Power only, and not be distracted by other business of equal importance requiring equal attention such as the Ministry of Works, and that of Housing.
The Need for power in order to attain any national Vision like Nigeria’s V20:20:2020, The NEEDS, SEEDS, LEEDS etc, cannot be over emphasized.

• We all know that the engine of life the world over, is the uninterrupted electrical power supply. 
• We also know that there is a very strong link between the per capita consumption of electrical power and the state of physical advancement of a nation. This means that if the energy consumed per person in a nation is very high, more industries will be working, which leads to a strong nation. 
• The inadequacy in the supply of electricity on the other hand means all the artisans and several commercial and industrial outfits would not be able to contribute productively to the national development through their various trades. The attendant results are the evident poverty and lack of development at all facets of the economy.
• Inevitably, if all things remained the same, Nigeria would have to forfeit/give up her dreams as contained in the Kuru Declaration Vision20:20:2020 of becoming one of the greatest 20 economies of the world by year 2020 in 20 years time from the time of articulation of this Vision at the dawn of the Millennium. 

Finally, considering the above, I will like to call on the Federal government to relieve the Federal Minister of Power, Works and Housing of the added responsibilities of Administering Housing and Works ministries in order to concentrate on the work of power  and thereby leading Nigeria out of darkness.
By: Nungkop, Mishael S.

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Nungkop Mishael S. (Peace Ambassador) was born in Jos, Plateau State 1986, He is from Pankshin LGA, From the Fier peoples group. Attended ECWA Transfered Primary School, Government Secondary School McAllen, and ABU pivotal Grade II Teachers College at the Jos Center. Taught in various schools for the period of 6 years as a Class Teacher before attending the Plateau State University Bokkos, graduated with a Bachelor's Degree (B.Sc) Political Science in 2014. Participated in the “Make We Talk” Programme One (1) Year Peer Facilitator/Educators and Project Management Training of the Society for Family Health (SFH) and Action Aid International, Nigeria in the year 2005. Also attended a Leadership Training Course (Course SH978) March 2016. At the Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre (Mountain School) Where Hills Jos. Participated in the Institute of Governance and Social Research (IGSR) Peace in Jos Project Early Warning Reporting and Response System Training, May 2016. Founder/C.E.O Spectroom Political & Social Advisory Consultancy, His. Business Manager @Max-Ray Communication and Computers School (MRCCS) 2007 – Date. Graphic Editor @WeJosRock™ Currently the Vice President and Project Manager of the Plateau Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (PYPAN) Camp 7, Course SH978, March 2016 to date. Worked with the Institute of Governance and Social Research (IGSR) – as a Research Assistant, Monitoring & Evaluation Task Force, of the Peace in Jos Project. May to July 2016. Interest: Teaching, Writing, graphics and Books too. Loves political & Social analysis. Very easy to get along with, enthusiastic, friendly. Enjoys public speaking, other passions and aspirations include Political journalism, photography, Fashion stylist...

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