By: Nungkop Mishael


It is clear to me now that they (APC) don’t even believe in the “change” themselves.
Voted into power by 15million Nigerians, and after about one and a half years (1year 4 months to be precise) the change hasn’t “began”, they are waiting on me and the remaining population that didn’t believe in them to “change” the nation.
I’m a patriotic Nigerian, I love how I have operated, if I ever would like anything changed, it is the government, this present government, that I would like to change. And I wouldn’t hesitate once it is time.
Stop complaining that what has been done in 16 years can’t be undone in 1, 2, 3, 4 years. I bet two tenures wouldn’t be enough, except if Buhari and his Ministers would give us a time in-view when this change will begin, it does matter whether I change. Except if they are taking us for a ride of our lives.
The following is imperative if APC must bring the desired results.
“The new “Change Begins with Me” campaign has provided the most definitive evidentiary proof yet that the Buhari government is one giant bait-and-switch scam. Bait-and-switch scams are kinds of confidence tricks where unsuspecting customers are lured into (or “baited” to) an attractive, often too-good-to-be-true, offers. Once the customers’ interest is sufficiently piqued, sustained, and won over, the terms of the offer change (or “switch”). Buhari and APC baited Nigerians with a promise to “change” the country. After Nigerians swallowed the bait and voted them into power, Buhari and APC have “switched” and now say the “change” begins with everyday Nigerians who voted them into power, not they who promised it. That’s straight-up dupery. So next time overfed, recession-proof, morally bankrupt bureaucrats—or their unthinking automatons— tell you that change begins with you, not the current government that rode to power on the strength of its promise to bring about “change,” tell them they’re shameless bait-and-switch scammers!”

By: Dr. @Farouq Kperogi

“Change won’t begin with me when ministers have DSS officers shine their shoes in public. When army generals are above the law. When staff verifications deprive government workers of several months’ pay. When choice FGN agencies hire big men’s children and other job-seekers are asked to work as farm hands.
Change will begin with me after it begins with the APC and its leaders. After the presidential fleet is reduced at least by half to cut costs. After governors stop taking charter flights in a recession. After government intervenes to reduce food price for the sake of low income earners. Change will then begin with me.” By: Nura Alkali

Read further,

“APC in 2016: the damage of 16 years cannot be reversed in one year.
APC in 2017: the damage of 16 years cannot be reversed in two years.
APC in 2018: the damage of 16 years cannot be reversed in three years.
APC in 2019: the damage of 16 years cannot be reversed in one term so give Buhari a second term.” Prof. Moses Ochonu


“The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL, has frowned at the slogan of the national re-orientation campaign tagged, ‘Change Begins With Me’ launched in Abuja on Thursday, saying the project is aimed at blaming Nigerians who are only victims of the mode of governance perpetrated by the incurably corrupt political class that has held on tenaciously to political power in the country till date.”
Mr. Debo Adeniran, the Executive Chairman of the Coalition, said, “it’s disappointing to hear government’s attempt to transfer the blame of its daily unveiling failure on the victims of its apparent incompetence and seeming cluelessness in the face of a very challenging time.”
“One would have expected that by now, with the precarious state of the country, the government should take full responsibility for the roles required of it by leading with example and boldness instead of blame-shifting and expressions of frustration.”
“Yes, there is the dire need for Nigerians collectively to understand the background to the present situation of the country and the attendant sacrifices required of Nigeria and Nigerians to wade through the storm, but the present government’s excuses and false pretenses belie its so-called change agenda, to put it bluntly.”
“The task to rebuild our country is very daunting, no doubts about that, but the present regime knew this before it got to power. To continue to insult the collective intelligence of Nigerians with narratives that are apparently designed to disguise the lack of political will needed to abandon the ways of the old by the political class is totally provoking and unacceptable.”
“Nigerians had expressed and in a very ‘revolutionary’ manner for that matter, on March 28, 2015 when they voted massively for President Muhammadu Buhari and his party, the All Progressive Congress, APC, in the Presidential elections their will and readiness for real change! Need we remind the government that reality before it realizes that the ball is in its court to bring the change Nigerians voted for to bold relief? What fundamental change has the government demonstrated beyond mere sloganeering and governing on the basis of false pretences? Adeniran queried.”
“For crying out loud the Presidential Fleet of about 11 aircrafts that was being maintained by the former regime which the present regime promised to reduce is still intact in spite of the humongous costs it takes to maintain them, yet it is the poor that must pay to maintain the unnecessary fleet that has been argued to be the most expensive to maintain in Africa! And this is in a country where the political class keeps convoys of expensive vehicles just to move an individual around; own choice properties all over the country and outside, where the political class’ dogs enjoy better humanism than the poor majority who are the real humans,” he continued.
The anti-corruption crusader, concluded, by advising the Government to move beyond excuses, rhetorics and repeated failed promises, saying, “that is the only way that government can lead by example and express in reality its claim that it understands the pains of the masses. The ordinary Nigerians in their majority are the sole victims in the subsisting scenario; they want their country to be salvaged and are ready to play their part in achieving that, transferring blame on them is unfair. It represents serious un-seriousness on the part of government in terms of its responsibility.
“Therefore we say, ‘Mr. President, the change begins with you and your government, Sir!’” Source: Daily Post Nigeria
From the Peoples Parliament

“First Get Rid Of The Log In Your Eye; then You Will See Well Enough To Deal With The Speck In Nigerians Eye”. CHANGE BEGINS WITH BUHARI AND APC.

Some History, please read:

“Your Excellency Sir, Change starts with you.


Change was your idea not ours.

Change was your manifesto, we do not have a manifesto

Change was your mantra, not ours

Change was your magic word

Change starts with you.

We did not vote us into power…

We voted you into power because we bought into your Change mantra.

Change you sold.

Change we bought.

And Change we want.

Change we can touch, Change we can feel, Change we can relate with, and Change that has a human face. And we want it from you.
Show the light, we will find the way.

In 1937, when the Great Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe( Owelle Osowanya Onitsha) launched The West African Pilot newspaper. He chose a very special motto for it.

“Show the light and the people will find the way”.
Zik knew leadership is everything.

The very idea that ‘Change’ starts with the led and not the leadership can be best described as an abdication of responsibility by the leadership.

That was the utopia Carl Marx preached, but as he also found out, it took the intervention of the ruling class in the person of Frederick Engels for his ideas to be heard.

There is no known historical precedent where the people led the change paradigm without the leadership.
I have ruminated through my books on political and economic history. There is no known reference.

The closest was the French Revolution of 1789, and if you take a closer look, it was not even started by the Proletarian class. Danton and Robespierre were not ”the masses”.

Every dramatic, and drastic change witnessed from the 19th to 20th century across the globe has been top down.
Nnamdi Azikiwe studied it quite well in his Renascent Africa, and came to the conclusion that “Show the Light, and the people will find the way”…

Chairman Mao failed woefully in China because he believed change could come from the people that was why he launched the Cultural Revolution.
But it took Deng Xiaoping to show that leadership is everything when he manipulated the ”unseen finger” that has pulled over 600 million out of poverty in the last 30 years.That is leadership!
Cuba withstood the world’s blockade, suffered all sorts of indignities, yet gave their people one of the best education and health care services in the world. It took the leadership of Fidel Castro.
General Park knew this quite well when he set out the policies that encouraged the Chaebols in South Korea.You can describe him as a dictator, but he laid the foundation for the take off of a prosperous Korea.
Today I am writing this with a Samsung mobile device thanks to the foresight of General Park, hose daughter incidentally is the present President of South Korea.
Lee Kuan Yew is an evident testimony that change can only be effectively and efficiently launched top down. He enumerated everything succinctly in his well received book, From the Third World, to the First World. Singapore today is a living testimony to that.
Mahathir Mohammad pointed out that principles can be replicated. He learnt from what happened in neighbouring Singapore, and helped steer Malaysia in same pathway.
Can we take a loot at what leadership caused in Chile, that is today well referenced as the Chile Miracle? The bringing in of the Chicago Boys who helped drew the economic blue print that led to the emergence of the first rich society in South America? This too is a well documented case study.

What of Dubai?
Was it the poor people of Dubai that caused the change or the Sheikh who pursued his dreams inspite of contrary views from ‘knowledgeable folks’….today, the Dubai experience has been duplicated in Qatar, Oman, Bahrain etc etc…and in each case, it took leadership.
Brazil already has an economic growth template initiated by President Cardoso while he was the Minister of Finance. But it took Lula Da Silva to take Brazil to global prominence.
Now let us come home to Africa.

Botswana has always been described as an oasis in the midst of poor leadership, mismanagement and chaos. Was it the Batswana people that engineered the change process or the leadership of Ketumile Masire who followed in the footsteps of the first President of the country Sir Seretse Khama. He mentored Festus Magae, reputed as Africa’s incorruptible leader. Is Botswana today not regarded as Africa’s most stable country, with the continent’s longest continuous multi-party democracy. It is relatively free of corruption and has a good human rights record.
Look at Rwanda, just 20 years ago, it was the most destroyed nation in the world. Go there today. It is a model, walk through the streets of Kigali, it is the neatest city in Africa. Even Rwandans dont even walk around dressing haggardly. Interact with them to check out their level of patriotism. Check out their growth rate and how today they are the most respected African country at international diplomatic circles.

Look at Ethiopia, hitherto known for poverty and hunger…today it is the driving force in the Africa rising story. They are building a massive 8000 km railways criss crossing the entire country.Their airline is the most profitable state run airline in the world, and the rate of infrastructure development is second to non in sub Sahara Africa.
I can go on and on….

I can also go into Europe and give examples where just one man or woman came up with an idea, sold it to everyone, and ensured everyone is part of it.
Even democratic Germany survived the economic crises of the last decade because of the leadership of Angela Merkel.
In the United States, and at different times in their history, we have seen the emergence of someone who took the bull by the horns, and steer the nation from economic doldrums to prosperity.
It started with Thomas Jefferson.

Then we had Abraham Lincoln

Then Franklin Delano Roosevelt whose astute leadership ensured Americans elected him four times as President even when he was bedridden. We had John F.Kennedy, whose dream was to put a man in the Moon. We also had Ronald Reagan

Bill Clinton, and ofcourse Barack Obama. These leaders stood out.
In the UK we had men like Winston Churchill whose words, just words boosted hope in time of despair, and whose wisdom helped save an entire continent.
In France we had men like Charles de Gaulle. He was France, France was him. He was affectionately described by the French as “Celui qui dit non”

Your Excellency Sir, show the light, and the people will find the way!”


Ovie Anthony Papero wrote:

(Very instructive)
“Change must begin with Buhari

Change must begin with Budget padding.

Change must begin with Solomon daunlog.

Change must begin with declaring how much have being recover so far.

Change must begin with naming those that loot our treasury.

Change must begin with Dogara.

Change must begin with saraki.

Change must begin with Bringing back the girls.

Change must begin with Remita.

Change must begin Osun state that has no single commissioner.

Change must begin with state that have refuse to do LG election for years.

Change must begin with steady power supply.

Change must begin with reducing president fleet.

Change must begin with stopping nepotism.

Change must begin with reducing your salary by 50%..

Change must begin with Burutaigate

Change must begin with conclusive election.

Change must begin with reducing fuel price.

Change must begin with CBN selling dollar at 197 for manufacturers and not pilgrimage.

Change must begin with all our leader.
Pa Buhari you can not preach change from the bottom to the top for us, we demand change from top downwards.
What have Pa Buhari sacrifices?
We buy fuel for 145, does Pa Buhari buys?

We pay house rent, does he pay?

We earn below a dollar, He earns above a dollar.

We pay PHCN bill, does he pay?

We pay tax, how much does he pay?

We pay for medicals, does he pay?

We pay for schooling , does he pay?
Why not let your leadership be by example?
In conclusion:

After all is been said and done, it is instructive for us to go back to the words of Chinua Achebe “the trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership. There is nothing basically wrong with the Nigerian character. There is nothing wrong with the Nigerian land or climate or water or air or anything else. The Nigerian problem is the unwillingness or inability of its leaders to rise to the responsibility, to the challenge of personal example which are the hallmarks of true leadership.”
In the final analysis, I must say here that APC Leadership must take responsibility seriously. Nigerians have changed since the day they voted your party into power.
Remember, change is Constant and i will not hesitate when the time comes.


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Nungkop Mishael S. (Peace Ambassador) was born in Jos, Plateau State 1986, He is from Pankshin LGA, From the Fier peoples group. Attended ECWA Transfered Primary School, Government Secondary School McAllen, and ABU pivotal Grade II Teachers College at the Jos Center. Taught in various schools for the period of 6 years as a Class Teacher before attending the Plateau State University Bokkos, graduated with a Bachelor's Degree (B.Sc) Political Science in 2014. Participated in the “Make We Talk” Programme One (1) Year Peer Facilitator/Educators and Project Management Training of the Society for Family Health (SFH) and Action Aid International, Nigeria in the year 2005. Also attended a Leadership Training Course (Course SH978) March 2016. At the Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre (Mountain School) Where Hills Jos. Participated in the Institute of Governance and Social Research (IGSR) Peace in Jos Project Early Warning Reporting and Response System Training, May 2016. Founder/C.E.O Spectroom Political & Social Advisory Consultancy, His. Business Manager @Max-Ray Communication and Computers School (MRCCS) 2007 – Date. Graphic Editor @WeJosRock™ Currently the Vice President and Project Manager of the Plateau Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (PYPAN) Camp 7, Course SH978, March 2016 to date. Worked with the Institute of Governance and Social Research (IGSR) – as a Research Assistant, Monitoring & Evaluation Task Force, of the Peace in Jos Project. May to July 2016. Interest: Teaching, Writing, graphics and Books too. Loves political & Social analysis. Very easy to get along with, enthusiastic, friendly. Enjoys public speaking, other passions and aspirations include Political journalism, photography, Fashion stylist...

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