This Land Nigeria

May the people of this great land live to see
her glory in the morning.

The cry of her children may be heard across the oversea.

Her heroes may fallen into the hands of the wicked ones in the night;

Yet her glory shall be testified of by her grands and even her great grandchildren…

Nigeria, Your
blood freshly flow in my veins.

Your dreams I share Your story I tell . Your pains I know.

You give me a reason to live.

You give me reason to FIGHT To protect your children, your
unborn children, Your grandchildren & your great
grandchildren too.

Help me O God! AMEN…


Our ability to reason and make most of the opportunities that present themselves by the day depends on our keen interest to listen, it could be to look carefully, or to to apply the
use of the six senses we have, you may wonder the ‘sixth sense’ yes! It is required of us to be conscious and meticulous in almost everything we do, see, hear, feel, touch, say, and pay for us to understand the underlined messages in what has/is happened/happening, has been said, or what someone is saying, what we have read or what someone has written and are recommended for us. Today we pay for every bit of
information we get consciously or otherwise,
we seek to know more of what we already know; I pause to ask: How many of us are willing to wait for the next person speaking to
finish before we take turn? How many of us are willing not to drop a book after reading chapter one? How many of us men and women are considerate of the information we are about receiving and not the render? How much time do we have to devote in listening to a speaker and not distract others than to allow others get us distracted by their own

I dare you to challenge yourself to listen this
day, the media afford you and i the opportunity to be informed of current
happenings around the world, job opportunities and markets for our products
and more. Someone recently posted on fb.

“God wanted us to listen more, thus HE made us a mouth and a pair of ears” Have you heard?



The students are about 2 write their final
examinations, which they were told by their
prof. That will determine their final grade. A
favour 4 all the class is a ‘pass’ grade 4 every
student without having to take the exams,
they were warned that if a student didn’t
perform well after refusing a ‘pass-mark’ as
proposed the professor, they will have 2 bear
the shame of “carrying the course-over”. At
least some student were ok with the proposal
and they accepted a pass and left the exams
room. The professor then increase the offer 2
a ‘C’ 4 the whole class, some number of
students were okay with a ‘C’. He insisted that
those who refuse the ‘C’ and didn’t pass the
examinations will have no second chance,
still a number of student stood up and left the
hall accepting a ‘C’. He then realised that
about half the number of students had left the
exams hall, he further proposed that 4 those
remaining 2 write the exams, he will increase
the offer, 2 a ‘B’ grade, few without hesitation
accepted the offer, he reminded the class
once again that if at the incident that they fail
2 pass the exams there wouldn’t be a second
chance 4 any one of such students, a few of
the students left accepting the ‘B’. ABOUT
’10’ students remain in the class, the
professor then without saying any thing went
ahead 2 pick the question papers and begin 2
place them each on the student’s table, three
students then seek 2 leave the hall at his
permission, the prof. Answered ‘good choice!’
the remaining students then were still given
the last chance 2 decide: ‘5’ then stood up a
leave the hall accepting a ‘B’ THE prof. Then
asked the remaining students are you really
ready 4 this? They answered yes Prof.
! He then asked them 2 turn the sheet of
papers placed on their tables. And it reads
“you got 4 yourself an ‘A'”.
Many times we are willing 2 accept the least
not because we can’t go 4 the best, but
because we lack the trust in our ability 2
succeed like others!
Dare 2 maximise your potentials! u can b that
‘A’ student, best parent, friend…


You stand a greater opportunity/chance to
loose all you have gathered/acquired (money
wealth) if you choose to chase after women;
but you’ll never loose a woman for chasing
after money!
We live to work but not work to live. Because
there are many out there that don’t work and
still live!
It is better to believe in the existence of God
now and not get to meet with him someday
than to refuse to believe and discover he
really existed when it shall be too late to
believe again!
Get the whole earth and loose heaven, get
heaven and the whole earth shall be yours!
Which one is better, to be alive and to be in
Don’t still a kiss from the lips of a miss; get a
miss for yourself and the kiss from the lips of
a miss you’ll never miss!

The End Government

There was a time in history when man exist in isolation, he lives like a beast, or some sort of a god. He lives alone, in his world and he didn’t know that its actually his. Man was lonely and vulnerable all manner of ills, he was defenceless, helpless. During that era, everything was crude, live was just begining. Life was a survival of the fittest, live was brutish, life was short. It was every man for himself and all again all. It was a state described as the state of nature. The begining of man. The Early Man discovered himself inborn with a desire to survive and to dominate the earth. From a wonderer to a gatherer, and a farmer then a merchant, followed by civilization of many kinds. Man’s brutality set each man against fellow men, the strong has the day. Communalism was only possible due to increase learning. Man began to find kingdoms, built castles, and cities, man began to rest from his tirelessness and wandering, man is continue to grow, learn, increase in civility and subdue the nature that was feared from the begining. The strong though continue to dominate the weak, the birth of slavery – taking of slaves of war, then the birth of feudalism and merchandise systems in the form of capitalism. Religion and science changed the world drastically until the giants of the world thought of the state. Some thought that the state will bring about maximum satisfaction, and self actualisation, some on the other hand are not quite comfortable. They favour anarchy. Time has passed since the first debate, here we are in the present state. We must ask if we must survive the new ‘nature’- the introduction of government. What is the end of the government? The end of the state is not far from the ends of the people that constituted the state. What the state exist for is first, the safety, freedoms and privileges of the people that populated the state. The government is actually people who volunteer to oversee the affairs of the territory in order to meets the needs, wishes, aspirations and desires of their people. Serve

Wrong Number!

A certain aged woman called on her son who
is in the city, unknown to her she called the
wrong number instead of calling her son’s.
The person at the receiving end picked the
phone and answered; hello, after hearing the
old woman’s voice, he further asked, who are you?
how did u get this number? Don’t ever call
this number again! The old lady on her wheel
chair collapse and died instantly.

A certain young lover is waiting for his date to
call received a call from another man exactly
at the set time the lady is to call to confirm
the date, the caller after hearing the voice at
the other end dropped the call causing the
young lover to leave the flower with a bunch
of roses, a ring box & a note on the table only
for the bar attendant to later pick up at the
end of the day’s job; reading, i left to commit
suicide because she dropped the call.

Another man when his boss tried to call him
but couldn’t reach him, asked after his sister
in-law who happen to be his colleague to give
the boss any contact that he could reach the
‘man’ and when he did, his employee happen
to be at the phone, after picking the call he
yelled at the caller, so you are the one
disturbing my wife? The caller dropped the
call and guess what he missed from his

Next time you are not clear about the caller,
think twice, you may just end another’s life or
denied yourself an opportunity! A little Patience, a little concern at others mistakes can set us above
making worse others situations!